Who is Sami Scribble?

Sami Scribble is that spontaneous, creative squiggle sitting quietly at the forefront of every child's mind. 

Like all children, Sami does not need much to Make, Learn and Play, just a few wonderful words, patterns and pictures to kickstart his BIG imagination. 

Sami is always there to transform a simple piece of paper into a soaring jet or turn a little inky finger into an animal print, and it’s true, the more time you spend with him making, learning and playing the more your imagination will grow.

You’ll find that Sami Scribble has crept inside the pages of our activity books to guide you as you play and with spelling and learning along the way he promises fun and games for each new day. 

So the next time you want to share something great, a pretty picture, a drawing or a stamp artwork that you've made, send it to Sami by  clicking here we can't wait to see what you've made!